Been a tough week – but only seven to go.

Relationships can be a painful experience at times. Sometimes it is apparent that things are drifting apart, and you are powerless to stop them.  Those dreams and ideologies that were planned for the future seem a distant memory. It started off well, we were both full of endeavour – this was going to be true partnership in every way. We would share the good times, and discuss where things may be going wrong. This was going to be new start for both. Both parties had been involved in previous relationships, some had gone well, some hadn’t. There were scars to heal and importantly – there were “dependents”!

The issue of dependents is always going to be difficult. Some of them would get on and others wouldn’t. The “parents” are pulled in opposing directions at time, what comes first – loyalty to your partner, or loyalty to your “offspring”.

How long can both parties endure the pain? There is an undercurrent of mistrust – what is the other “party” up to. What do they really think; can either party continue to trust what the other says?

Someone has to make a move but the risks are high. What if they have read all the signs incorrectly? What if the other party is purely reacting to what the other one is saying or doing? Who is right – and who is wrong?

You stand on the brink – you’ve been here before. You remember the pain, the angst and the damage that was done last time. Are we all prepared for history to repeat itself?

A story of two individuals – no. Partnerships are not always about two individuals- sometimes it is much bigger than that. Either way the stakes are often high – and the damage can be irreversible. However, the one thing that all partnerships rely on is trust – when trust goes the basis of any relationship is apt to go with it.

Sometimes making the effort to make things work is still the better option and sometimes it probably isn’t,

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