Lunchtime – and why salad is the best option!

They sit, all three of them within a metre of one another. Two smart sophisticated specimens, shiny, smooth – no handles, knobs or dials. Beautifully aligned and stacked neatly on top of one another. The third one sits alone to the right, a little like the “lad that doesn’t fit in”. It has an aging look, rugged with producing dials, Billy “no mates”.

I take my place in the queue, desperately wanting my reliable friend on the right of me  to become available. The person at the front of the queue approaches the sophisticated duo with confidence. He presses the front – the door opens smoothly. Then the problems begin – he places his dinner inside. He closes the door – the digital display doesn’t move. A timer counts down – but nothing else happens. I stand behind him smiling – I’ve been here before. My friend on the right becomes available. This solid dependable soul mate who has served my need for many years – yes, a microwave that you don’t need a degree in computer operations to use.

Now if someone could only ensure that I don’t have to spend another week doing a tour of the building to get hot water…………!

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